Why Our Talents

Together, with our joint forces from Laika, we select only the top talent from the large universe of highly qualified Data Scientists, Marketeers, Developers, Designers or even Space Engineers.

We aim to maximize the performance of your business, and we never settle for less. We implement a performance and culture based recruitment. We move fast and challenge each other.

100% of our clients have experienced increased performance in their business operations
20% average increase in productivity

The people in the Colony Inspire. We are intellectually curious, and challenged to execute at the highest level. We take Pride in our work and stand behind our delivery. Trust is built through Consistent actions, not words. We are Brave to take responsibility for mistakes. We take you Seriously. We are Focused on continuous improvement. Forever!

This is us when no one is looking.

What We Do For Our Talents

People are at the heart of your success. That’s why our commitment is to build high-performance teams without compromising on their growth and experiences. You get the best of both

We invest 3 times more on the existing employees rather than getting new ones on board. We choose quality over quantity. Every crew member is valued fairly, without ego, working towards a shared goal. Building rockets together.


Pool of Professionals

We have a large pool of professionals at our disposal ranging in 6 different industries. Here’s a few thousand of them. Whether you need a marketer, designer, software developer, financier or even a space engineer, we’ve got you covered.


UI, UX, Graphic, Print, Digital. People that push pixels for a living


The people that post stuff on social media and get your business going

Software Development

Back-end, Front-end, Full Stack, Forehand. You name it, we have them

Data Science

Robots who fake captcha codes in order to look human

Finance and BPO

People who see money from a different perspective

Space Engineering

People who wear aviator sunglasses, cried on Armageddon and know some serious stuff

Remote teams are here to stay. They actually improve your odds to compete in an increasingly globalized society. The real challenge is - Are you ready to adapt?

Start Building Your Team