Your Business Deserves

The team at Colony takes care of all procedures steering away your focus. We deal with all applications, screening and onboarding procedures, payroll, legal and back office processes, as well as all admin work.


Dedicated Engagement Model

Each member of your team, works from our offices - exclusively for you


Flexible Team Scalability

You gain access to 12000+ Senior, Mid and Junior tech professionals that can get on board your team in 4-6 weeks


Guaranteed Confidentiality

We take IP rights and Security Protocols very seriously. Everything remains in your ownership


Cost Benefits

You save up to 70% on Tech Team Members compared to costs in Western Europe

Our Expertise

We master in building and cultivating dedicated teams of professionals, based on your specific needs. It is our priority to sustain employee happiness, motivation, productivity and growth.

This allows you to focus on your core business and bring your product or a service to a different level. We grow as a result of your growth. Your success is the oxygen used in our process of creating a sustainable working environment for your team.

  • Culture and Performance based Recruiting

  • Employee Onboarding and Integration

  • Hardware

  • Accounting & Payroll Processes

  • Legal & Administrative procedures

  • Employee Retention

  • Employee Perks and Benefits

  • Access to Education

  • Health Insurance

  • Office Facilities

  • Guest Workplace for Clients

  • Conference Rooms

  • Continuous Development Programs

  • Employee Trial Period


Make Sure You Get The Right Setup

We believe in community, interaction and growth. We share thoughts, ideas and experiences. We are driven by culture

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  • Team Extension

  • Remote Team

  • R&D Center

  • Enterprise

Get reliable tech professionals working as an extension to your team

Build your high-performing team customized to fit your needs at scale

Build your own R&D Center

Build your future-proof team

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