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Since 2014 we interact with more than 8.5k talents and collaborate with 200+ Tech companies.

Colony is a high-performance Development Center where you can set up your remote team. We are fierce supporters of talent economy, and we treat talent just like kryptonite or any other precious commodity.

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How it Works

The team at Colony takes care of all procedures steering away your focus. We deal with all applications, screening and onboarding procedures, payroll, legal and back office processes, as well as all admin work.

1. Schedule a Call

Cost: 0 EUR | Time: 30 min

First things, First. Let’s feel the vibe. We will work with you to understand your goals, technical needs, and team dynamics.

2. Get an Offer

Cost: 0 EUR | Time: 48 hours

Tailor Made is embedded in our code. We will offer a solution according to your needs.

3. Matching

Cost: 0 EUR | Time: Less than 10 days

Win-Win is the only option. We match your needs across our network of top talents. Final call is yours.

4. Team Set up

Cost: 0 EUR | Time: 4-6 weeks

When it comes to people, faster doesn’t always mean better. We like to move fast ourselves, but never compromise on quality. Let's get you onboard by setting up your team.

5. Talent Retention

Cost: 0 EUR | Time:

Talents are at the heart of your success. We will always invest 3 times more in your talent than hiring additional.

Senior, Mid & Junior Tech Professionals Ready For a New Challenge!

Start Building Your Team

Pool of Professionals

We have a large pool of professionals at our disposal ranging in 6 different industries. Here’s a few thousand of them. Whether you need a marketer, designer, software developer, financier or even a space engineer, we’ve got you covered.


UI, UX, Graphic, Print, Digital. People that push pixels for a living


The people that post stuff on social media and get your business going

Software Development

Back-end, Front-end, Full Stack, Forehand. You name it, we have them

Data Science

Robots who fake captcha codes in order to look human

Finance and BPO

People who see money from a different perspective

Space Engineering

People who wear aviator sunglasses, cried on Armageddon and know some serious stuff


Physical proximity does not always guarantee collaboration. It’s all about your company’s culture, values and processes driving progress.

Get the best from your remote team.

Cost Benefits

Dedicated business model allows you to master your processes. Our transparent pricing model will allow your business to save up to 70% of your costs, while company performance is on the rise


The Colony is part of an already established ecosystem. We are a community of more than 10,000 tech professionals up to the challenge

Culture Inspired Recruitment

We like to move fast and get shit done. In our mindset, office perks are "nice-to-haves". Leaving a footprint? It's an MVP. We dont settle for less than WOW

Motivated Team

The people in the Colony support each other. We keep our communication at the highest level and “no ego policy” is our practice. We grow together



It's not all sunshine and rainbows. You must not forget - Leading and working in remote teams is not inherently more difficult than working in flesh. It is just different.

We acknowledge those differences and tackle them accordingly.



Dedicated HR and Account managers will make sure the flow of communication is running smooth. We will structure the communication model according to your needs


Time Barriers

We operate in GMT +1. If your offices are located in the US, Middle East or even New Zealand we guarantee you at least a 4h overlap


Travel connection

Getting from A to B can be a hustle. Amsterdam, London or Copenhagen? They are less than a 3h flight from our development center. Our offices and meeting rooms are always at your disposal


Language Barriers

Dutch, French or Swedish might not be our strongest side, but English definitely is. It is a compulsory class since kindergarten. More than 90% of the professionals in our community speak fluent English


Different Go-To PM Tools

Project Management Tools are crucial for the flow and prioritization of tasks. The Colony makes sure that all members of your team are up to speed with the PM tool you use daily


Attrition Rate

Having in mind the era of digitalisation and development of new technologies, retention of employees is a hustle. Our attrition rate runs between 3-4%. One of the best ways to retain talent is a challenge! Have one?

Remote teams are here to stay. They actually improve your odds to compete in an increasingly globalized society. The real challenge is - Are you ready to adapt?

Start Building Your Team